Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ill be toting these bad boys out to the vacation home this weekend, find me if you like em... 50 cal w/ 45 or 270 w/ 9m. Dea

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fuck Yea

Craigslist spam!

Im real but are YOU real? Im in need of a guy by tomorrow evening for special fun. Im lost on how this goes because Ive never done this on cl but Im guessing I show you what I look like and you send me your pictures? Ive never sent strangers my pictures so it's your lucky day I hope you adore them babe. I got to go now so text/call me if you want to do this. I got good amount of beer left over from last weekend's party so youre more than welcome to come over and drink with me! My cell # and other pics of me can be found below my profile. It doesn't charge anything so don't worry. Just want a little protection of my private info ya know? I can't wait to have you over! =)

  Some updates and run ins with some cool cats. 

Monday, April 9, 2012

From rad 2 sad.


Does this really need a caption.

Oh come on dudes, life doesn't suck that much.

Doyle and the whole Kink team came to those jumps across the street. I took this picture while I was acting all cool like "Don't mind me. I'm not taking any pictures because Laird did everything back in 98" but really I was taking pictures the whole time. It was comforting to see even the D-man himself flailing the first couple of runs. Those things are no walk in the park. But then he landed in a manual and downside opposite whipped the world. They were all nice dudes. I don't know how to rotate the picture so just tilt your head instead.

Air-ick Lee and the Curb Endomocracy

How about a little occupy wall-street riding?.We looked for an "occupy wall ride" to no avail. It is worth going to DC for girl watching alone. Good god almighty! Got me barking at the moon! Recite some Fugazi lyrics and ask them if they want to talk politics and you are in there like swimwear. "Is that dress American Apparel?"
This is the building where they plotted Abe Lincoln's assassination also I am a sucker for funny wok restaraunt names.

One morning I rode with Dylan on his boat from Waterside to the high rise bridge to put his boat in the marina for the winter. Dylan shat in a bucket and they opened the draw bridge for us. It was cool.

Alright. Cheer up man because I am starting to get a contact bummer and we're like the coolest kids out which doesn't suck at all. - kitt

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thursday Night!!!

Come out to Oceana Cycles for hot dog night! Shit's free and there's always a bunch of cool folks there.