Friday, November 5, 2010

checked out hot dog night at Oceana Cycles last night

cool shop with even cooler people. that being said, we got to meet lil willie, a Vietnam vet who stands about 4 foot nothing. the dudes got stories and is willing to tell them if you got the time. From joking on Elvis posing for pictures in a tank, to a lesson on why the troops only received play money because the Russians were selling greenbacks to the U.S. for gold. moral of the story? i now like my hot dogs with as many toppings as i can squeeze on it. straight up, that's not deep, i've gone 25 years without relish, onions or mustard, and i've been fucking up. that shit's good.

"hey boss, how do you know when you go into these villages if they're V.C. or not?"
"if they run, they're V.C., if they stand still, they're highly trained V.C."

"how many tours did you do?"
"how many tours did i do? ONE, are you kidding me? i was in the army for six years and was going to make a career out of it, i did one tour and was like 'fuck this, I'm out'"

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