Sunday, July 17, 2011

I am getting kicked out of my house because we got a new landlord and she sucks. Think I am going to buy this bus (pictured above or below or somewhere). Half the people I ask think that it is a great idea and half the people I ask think that I am going bonkers. What else is new?

I mailed some genuine Montana brewed "Moose Drool" to the beach house for everyone but it sounds like it arrived a day too late. It showed back up on my doorstep yesterday so I proceeded to get drunk off of the most well travelled case of skunked beer in the valley. I owe you one.

Today I rode mountain bikes at the ski hill with Wayne Newton's personel chef. No shit. I asked how he took his eggs. Turns out Wayne Newton doesn't eat breakfast. Ever. Evidently he is a pretty cool dude though. His chef lives in a house made of hay bails in Big Horn and shreds mountain bikes. And you will be happy to know that I am not going to be a father.
Alright, I still love you guys and all but this world ain't going to save itself you know? So get your kids one of those Nalgene bottles. Fuck it.



  1. Bus is the best idea ever. It looks like something Doc Brown would build.