Tuesday, November 22, 2011

So, a bunch of us went to Knotts Island a while back to shred and whatnot. While we were leaving to try to catch the ferry, we saw a truck pulling into the park with a couple of bikes on the rack. One of the bikes was an older bmx bike, circa 1980's. We figured that it belonged to the father that was driving the truck, as there was a more modern bmx bike on the rack as well. Since we ended up missing the ferry, we decided to go back to Knotts and ride there the rest of the day. When we got back the family in the jeep were gone. After a bit of time, the jeep with the family returns, and a younger kid comes riding up on what ended up being a really dope 1980's GT. This thing was fully decked out and would have made any member of vintagebmx.com cream his pants. Bullseye hubs, Sugino cranks, the works. Turns out, it used to be his dad's bike, and he and his dad restored it, along with several other bikes. But the most awesome part about it, is that he was fucking shredding that damn thing! This kid was going harder on this 30+ year old bike than most kids his age that are riding ultra modern "super light" bikes. As i watched him pumping down backsides and cranking towards the quarters teaching himself how to air out, I couldn't help but think, this is what BMX is all about.

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