Tuesday, November 8, 2011

took a day trip to butte, montana sunday. home of evel knievel himself. it's a super grimmy little town with more bars per capita than anywere else. I swear to god i was sitting at the bar and a dog jumped up and sat on the stool next to me. You should read evel's biography by leigh montville. dude was gnarlier than you think.

thanks evel

There is no open container law in Butte. This is main street, sunday afternoon. Shit was a trip. It felt so wrong. I really wanted to get a photo drinking a beer next to a cop, but I couldn't find one. Within the last couple of years it was okay to drink and drive in butte as long as you weren't drunk. When they changed the law there was a quote in the paper that said "how are we supposed to get home from the bar?"

this is the Berkley Pit. At one time it was "the richest hill on earth". There used to be a mountain here and now it is a mile deep. Then they realized how horrible mining is for the environment so they shut it down and let it fill with water. Evidently it is one of the most toxic places in the country. Not long ago a flock of super rare geese landed in the water and they all died. It is supposed to overflow within the next decade. It cost 8 bucks to go inside.