Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lets make a deal

Looking to trade this boat... runs needs carb tune and sync... 3200 into it, value at 2000-2500... cars, vans, motos, pickups, homes, guns, etc... Brian, if I have this thing for another month its coming to your house.


  1. oh yeah, its 1967 Sabre, fiberglass hull, total floater, w/ 1987 mercury xr2 150hp

  2. You think this rig would work for offshore tuna fishing?! I'd really like to do some offshore tuna fishing! Let me know,,, I got a few stray(ish) cats and some ammo i could trade ya! Might be able to work out a trade for; x box games(The first(and best) x box) games, scrap metal(TONS)probably 200 pounds worth a cold hard steel. Might even be willing to let go of my coveted troy airman jersey from "97" . IDK BRO LET ME KNOW EITHER WAY! HOLLLLLAAA

  3. Dont be suprised when I pop you in the head next time im down